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dexterous valet parking services team

David Ghanbari

David Ghanbari is a professional businessman who started his business when he was a teenager. At age 16, he started to work in a wholesale clothes market in Tehran's Grand Bazaar. At age 18 he opened his first store and at age 20 he owned 3 clothes stores in Tehran's Grand Bazaar.

At age 21 he moved to Turkey and started real estate business and was really successful.
He was well-known for his transparency and closed almost 1 deal every single day after he started his professional career in the real estate field. Years later he moved to the USA to continue building up his dreams. At very first David wanted to start a real estate business in the USA as well. But because of life difficulties and as he was new in the USA he did everything but real estate. After 6 months from the day he entered the USA, he applied for a job from one of the biggest valet companies in Houston and he got approved. First, he was doing it part time but after another 6 months he found out this is the industry that he supposed to start it as a business owner in the USA. He worked for 3 different large companies before he opens up his own company. During this time he notified most valet companies in Houston have a very big problem and that was LACK OF HOSPITALITY in their service. In most of the other companies the owners and managers only were following us with their clients until they close the deal and after they closed it, ridiculously it wasn't a matter how the valet parking service to be. Money was the matter so they made it! David believes in to makes clients happy and keep the quality of valet service high he should follow up with clients. Check the service by himself or a well-trained trusted supervisor as much as they can in order to deliver the best service possible. He strongly believes Valet Parking is not only to put a podium, people, equipment and insurance.
Valet parking service is hospitality service and you should take care of every single small detail in your valet parking service and make sure the patrons are enjoying their every moment and have a piece of mind while they do their other activities. Your service should be the reason of this peaceful and this is Dexterous Valet Parking Services goal to provides it's client exceptional top-notch service like did it till today.

Samira Gholami

Our General Manager "Samira Gholami" has been working with Dexterous Valet Parking Services since 2017. She's started her career as an office manager in our company and she succeeded to improve her position to General Manager.