Frequently Asked Questions

How many days in advance I should book?
It's better to book your event at least 3 days before your event date. However Dexterous Valet Service has potential to take care of your event in last minutes.
Is there a minimum for length of valet service?
Yes, there is a minimum of 4 hours of valet service. You still can book an event with 2 hours length but you'll be charged for 4 hours due to our company policy.(even if you book for 2 hours you still receive service up to 4 hours if requested)
What equipment we will receive at our event?
Dexterous Valet Parking will provide you with;
Traffic cones
Safety valet parking keyboard
Valet parking service ticket 
Full red carpet service by request including rope and poles (there would be an applicable extra fee)
What type of the payment Dexterous Valet Parking Services accepts?
You can pay either by cash, check or credit card
Is there any extra fee other than the service fee?
There would not be any extra or hidden fee in our service. The only fee that would be applied on the amount that you pay is sales tax of %8.25 required by the state law.
When the valet staff will show up and see up the for the valet service?
Dexterous Valet Parking Services team would be show up 15 to 20 minutes before the event starts and leave 15 minutes after party ended if needed.
What would happen if any car remain after the service ended?
 The valet service team will pull all the cars remained to the closest location that exist for parking the vehicles and leave the keys with you.
What about if there are lots of vehicles remains and party lasts more that what we expected?
You can easily let the valet supervisor know the situation and be in contact with our company through email or phone. Any request of extension should be confirmed by our management team in our office through the email or phone. An extra fee will be estimated based on the number of hours you want to add on your service.
What if we don't have a parking available for our event?
Dexterous Valet Parking will investigate the area for you and provide you with the best options in order to get this problem resolved.

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