Each quote that Dexterous Valet Parking provides to its’ customers, has been estimated on the information that the customers provide to Dexterous Valet Parking and is based on each individual client service requirements. In the subsequent of these reasons price may vary case to case.
Dexterous Valet  has different rates for different businesses and inquiries depending on the type of service. To obtain a customized quote and more information you can contact to our local office through the phone or by the email and talk with one of our experts to be better consulted.
Each quote and pricing that Dexterous Valet Parking Services provides to the customers is only good for two months unless you make a contract with us.
The minimum length of the service we provide to the customers for the parties is four hours.
An extra charge of %8.25 state sales tax required by the state law will be applied on all services.
The estimates that we provide to our customers are based on our previous experience. We estimate the number of attendants that you might need at your service based on the information that the customers provide to us. If a client ask for less parking attendants and alter the estimate that our team provides, Dexterous Valet Parking will not be responsible for the lack of the service and any negligence that may occur due to the false estimation. If the number of the vehicles that we suppose to recieve exceeds of what the client has estimated by him/her self not our team, our team will not be able to recieve and serve more vehicles due to the body limitations that the drivers have. Dexterous Valet can not overload its’ team and force them to do what they not supposed to do. In order to prevent any problem it’s better to leave the estimation to the Dexterous Valet team.