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What we should expect in our service?

Dexterous Valet Parking Services provides you with uniformed and Well trained staff, all standard equipment like umbrellas, cones, professional keyboard, smart tickets and so on.


What kind of insurance dexterous valet parking service has?

Dexterous Valet Parking Services has the best insurance coverage in industry of $1000000 of garage keepers and garage liability.


How the valet parking service price calculate?

The price depends on hours of service and number of attendants you need.


Does dexterous valet parking company provides valet service for 2 hours?

Yes, definitely! However, our minimum hours of service is 4.


Does dexterous valet service has any especial offer and plan for daily valet services?

Sure, Dexterous valet parking has different packages for different businesses and locations based upon their needs.


How can I book an event with Dexterous valet parking services?

You can simply fill up the contact forms or contact us by phone to be helped toward steps.


Can we have our entity logo on valet parking uniform?

Yes, we embroider your logo on our uniform.


If you have a question that you couldn’t find an answer for that please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you instantly.

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